Giovedì 18 gennaio 2018, in occasione delle tre giornate di laboratori del Liceo Istituto Maria Immacolata di Pinerolo, ci siamo trovati a suonare e cantare con gli studenti del triennio che hanno aderito al laboratorio “American Roots Music"...
Lot of fun and good wine at Enoteca Non solo Vino (TO). Watch how we combined them... The result: Bluegrass Music!
Great gig in Gstaad (CH)!
Rhonda Vincent and The Rage landed in Europe to show us what Bluegrass is!
Just Amazing. Here a souvenir of that night.
As usual, during summer holidays, we rested and practised in the mountains, where Bluegrass Music sounds better.
We seized the moment to share our music with folks in an authentic landscape.